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Chairman Message

In modern world, Paramedical sciences have emerged as important branches of medical science. It is proved as a milestone in the treatment of communicable diseases. In other worlds, we can say that paramedical science is a backbone for medical science because right diagnosis of any disease is Necessary to prevent fatal diseases. Thus, medical Science can't take even a single step without paramedical science.

These paramedical courses are pointing towards a revolutionary change. These courses have provided job opportunities in medical field in India. Paramedical science is emerging as a multi-dimensional branch of science which is filled with great opportunities.

As paramedical is only capable of removing & diagnosing different diseases, it has given way to career opportunities and played an important role in improving the health conditions of people. Paramedics are the key players in the Health & Medical Sector. Without paramedics, the entire Health Industry is out of gear and is almost non-functionary. If there are no Paramedics, there is neither money nor any profit for doctors, hospitals, private clinics, etc.

There is an increasing realization on the importance of paramedical personnel in the health sector, especially in accident and trauma care. Paramedics are a boon to nursing homes and a dream for students, who have not been able to become full-fledged medical professionals. Health care delivery systems are undergoing rapid changes and the demand for skilled paramedical personnel is on the rise. Almost all the diagnostic procedures are carried out by the paramedical staff and they have emerged a vital cog in the wheel of the health care delivery system. The population explosion coupled with the mushrooming of private and corporate hospitals has provided numerous opportunities for skilled paramedics.

Now, what's important is to know more about such 'professionals' who do a Blood Test or a massage or a therapy and aid the doctor for better treatment of the patient & hence make health care easy and effective. These Professionals are called as "Paramedics."

Medical education is very important. Without the proper education, no one would be treated properly for serious injuries or sickness. These are different types of medical education. There are people who go into the billing and coding aspect of the medical field, while others prefer to be hands on with the patients. The longest medical education is to become a doctor or surgeon. Ones who have a specialty have to take longer time getting to know their expertise and carrying out medical procedures. It is a great accomplishment, but it takes a great deal of time and work. It takes so long to become particular nurses and doctors because people's lives are at hand. You must know what you are doing before your can administer any drug or diagnose a patient. But no other profession is as rewarding as Medical and Paramedical profession because of so high moral, monetary & repetitive satisfaction in the society.

Mr. K.L. Srivastava President of S I T E

Society for Information Technology & Engineering Regd. Delhi India.

Managing Director's Message

Dear students and guardians, Indian School of Nursing, was founded in the year 2015 with a vision and purpose. We believe that knowledge, skill & attitude should go hand in hand. The demand of digital economy today is not just to amass the knowledge given in books but to build up the individual skill so that their attitude towards a career is changed. We groom our students in a lively proactive environment so that they are equipped to challenge the dynamic global business scenario. To get hands-on experience, Indian School of Nursing organises Industrial Projects & Summer training, Symposium and Guest lecturers for students.

Workshops on Soft-skill like Time, Team & Stress management groom our students for the all round personality development. Debating competition gives a platform to our students where they overcome their inhibitions & express their views confidently.

Indian School of Nursing provides a unique schooling beyond the curriculum, conceiving a learning environment which allows the students to develop creativity, work ethic, leadership, languages, cosmopolitan experience and exposure and many other key life skills that are essential to future success, both personal and professional. We welcome all who would share our commitment and conviction for developing their career to a level where they are satisfied. We will not only enhance their overall competence but also make them aspire to be the best in life. We welcome all who would share our commitment and conviction for developing their career to a level where they are satisfied. We will not only enhance their overall competence but also make them aspire to be the best in life.

Mr. Purushottam Yadav Managing Director of I S N

Indian School of Nursing Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) India.

Managing Director's Message

The world perceives us as a low-cost Indian healthcare service provider; what we are engaged in is a passionate journey to establish ourselves as the lowest-cost, high-quality healthcare service provider in the world.

At Indian School of Nursing, we are convinced that 'quality' and 'lowest cost' are not mutually exclusive when it comes to healthcare delivery. In fact, we are well on our way to demonstrate that we are not running our institution as just another number-only business, but are attractively placed to create an affordable, globally-benchmarked quality-driven healthcare services model.

It is this exciting prospect that stokes my motivation to do bigger and better for the glory of the country that is mine.

Mr. D. Mishra (Ex-WHO Monitor KNP&LKO) Chief Manager of I S N

Indian School of Nursing Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) India.